Baji App Offers Best Casino And Sports Betting In India

Baji App: Free Mobile App On Android And iOS

We started developing and supporting the Baji app right from the very beginning of our platform in 2016. Of course, back then, it was a very unmodern and weak app that offered a limited set of features. After a while, the app has grown with various innovations and updates. Now it is a full-fledged gaming platform for your Android and iOS devices.

What is noteworthy is that you can now Baji app download without the hassle of making all two clicks. More than 30 sports from top marketplaces and over 2,000 certified online casino games will be immediately available to you. For all this entertainment we offer you a Welcome Bonus, which will be available immediately after making a deposit. So all you have to do is register and start playing.

Baji App Main Features

When you download any of the Baji 999 apps, you will immediately get some features that will make your game much more comfortable. Moreover, having these features will allow you to play more profitably due to the fact that you will be using them. Here are the features that are available to Indian players:

  • The app is fully secured, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your data and your funds
  • The Baji bet app developed by us is available for all mobile devices except some that are no longer supported by the manufacturers themselves
  • Thanks to the app, you can always place bets on selected sporting events or simply watch match broadcasts for your favorite sport
  • We created the app with such a sense that it would not be too big and would not burden your devices
  • At any time you can delete the app if it doesn’t suit you and you can play on your mobile browser or from your computer.

Baji App Is Safe For Use

If due to some peculiarities you can’t install the Baji game app or simply your device is outdated, you can play on the mobile version. It’s the same site, only adapted for mobile devices. Play your favorite games in the browser of your Android or iOS phone or tablet. Thanks to the fact that we used HTML5 and JavaScript technologies in the development of the product, it is possible to make all content rubberised. This feature helps websites to automatically adapt to different display resolutions.

Difference Between The Mobile Version And Baji Live App

Mobile VersionBaji App
No download required, you just open the site in your browser and playThe Baji application allows you to enter Username and Password and this will be saved and there is no need to re-enter it
You have no need to update the mobile version because it happens on the server side and you already open the finished productIf you open a game and close the application, opening it again after some time will restore the session and you will be moved to the place you were on last time
No need to free up space to keep the device from freezing upIn-app protection is more serious because there are fewer different ways for fraud or hacking to occur there
Generally the mobile version is much less demanding than the Baji appThe Baji app allows you to play anywhere, even with a weak internet signal by buffering content
You can play the mobile version even from a weak device with outdated softwareDoesn’t require a lot of space or a lot of resources
Content automatically adapts to your device’s display resolutionOpens full screen, which helps you get better display quality and better interaction with content
Main differences between the mobile version and the app

Advantages Of Baji App For Indian Clients

Apart from all the above, there are many benefits of using bj Baji app. The fact is that the app is in a way a part of the gaming platform and some of the options are borrowed from it. Indian players can be sure that the app will provide such benefits as:

  • Licensed platform where all activities are controlled by government authorities
  • The games are tested by various software development companies
  • The application is secured through SSL encryption and other software products that run on the server side
  • Baji app guarantees the security of your funds and the data you transfer to us
  • You can choose any sporting event from over 30 sports
  • Up to 500 different sports matches and bouts are available daily on the app
  • Playing at the online casino will bring only pleasure because there are more than 2,000 games from top providers in Asia
  • When it comes to bonuses, Baji Live is beyond competition because our marketing team is constantly improving our bonus policy by developing new promotions
  • You can use our connected payment systems, which are in demand in India and allow you to make deposits and withdraw winnings
  • For any questions, you can contact Customer Support, which is available 24/7 and is available on all modern Social Media.

Baji App Is Safe For Use

Once you commit Baji 999 app download and install this on your device, then you can be sure that this product is safe. The fact is that we are licensed under the laws of Curacao. This government organization monitors suspicious activity on our servers as well as on the app and website. In addition, we use strong end-to-end encryption that ensures that no data can be intercepted. In addition, our specialists use software products that we cannot disclose the name of for security reasons. But you can rest assured that your funds and data are secure.

Download Baji App On Android

Most likely you already know that you can start playing Baji app and use any other application only after downloading and installing it. We have made the process of downloading the installation file as convenient as possible and this process will not cause you additional processes. We just put ourselves in the shoes of players and made a clear instruction that will guide you through all aspects of installation.

Android App System Requirements

Android Version8.1 and oldest
Size Of The Application After Installation80 Mb
Supported LanguagesEnglish, Hindi, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Bengali
Apk File Size6.4 Mb
System RequirementsDisk Space min 1 Gb, CPU 1-1.2 GHz
Battery LifeMin 4 hours in active usage
Baji App Registration ProcessEach player must launch the app and click on Sign Up. Then it is necessary to enter the data specified on the registration page and only after that you can login and start playing.
Availability Of SupportOnline Chat
Basic requirements for Android devices

Downloading And Installing Baji App On Android

Indian players can start playing the app immediately after Baji apk download. This process is inextricably linked to the download and installation, so you will have to do that. As promised we have planned this step and described your steps in quite a bit of detail. Here’s how you can download the installation file:

  • Open the official website of the gaming platform in your Android device
  • Now you need to find the main navigation menu, which displays the game sections
  • There is a mobile device icon in this menu and you need to click it
  • A page opens displaying information about the Baji apk download
  • Click Download and the download process will start
  • When the installation file is downloaded you can install it and start playing.

Instructions For Installing Apk Files

Once the Baji app installation file is downloaded to your device, the only thing left is to install it. The installation process does not require any special programming knowledge. Everything comes down to a few manipulations:

  • On your device, you need to open the Download Manager
  • Here you need to find the downloaded file and click on it
  • You will be prompted to start the installation
  • If during installation you receive a message that this application is not verified and the system cannot install the file from an unknown source, you must enable the permission
  • Go to Settings on your device
  • Now select Security and look for Allow installation from unknown sources
  • Switch it On
  • Try re-opening the installation file and start the installation again
  • The app will be installed automatically and you will only receive a notification that the installation went smoothly
  • Now you need to do Baji app login using the Username and Password you used during registration
  • Then make a deposit, choose one of the great bonuses and go for the big wins with the Baji Live mobile app.

List Of Android Devices Compatible With Baji 999 Apps

Please note that Baji online cricket betting app is being tested on many different devices. Why is this necessary? First of all we can check how cleanly the programme code works and how our app works. Therefore, we are ready to present you a list of those Android devices that we have used:

  • Realme GT Neo 5 SE
  • POCO F5
  • Redmi Note 12 Turbo
  • Xiaomi 13T
  • iQOO Neo 7
  • Realme GT Neo 3
  • Xiaomi 12T
  • Google Pixel 7a
  • Poco X4 GT
  • Redmi K50i
  • Samsung Galaxy S21
  • Vivo V20
  • SonyXperia 1.

Solving The Problem Of Lack Of Free Memory On An Android Device

More than likely, problems with Baji casino app only occur when you run out of free memory on your mobile device. How is this interconnected? While using the app, new content, different styles, new options and so on are constantly being loaded. Therefore, this turns from the initial 50 Mb into 200 and sometimes 300 Mb. As a consequence, some users start to notice problems with the speed of the app which are caused by the lack of space on the Android device.

So, if you are facing similar problem with Baji app, then you need to free up space on your phone. The first way is the fastest way:

  • Swipe your device to the start screen, then swipe right again
  • A window with widgets will open
  • Here you can see all sorts of adverts and recommended programmes
  • You need to select Clean Trash
  • The system will automatically scan all files, find the unnecessary ones and prompt you to delete them
  • You can safely agree, because these files are actually rubbish and have no value whatsoever
  • When the cleanup happens you may notice that quite a bit of memory has become available on your device.

The second method is a bit more radical because you will need to delete those applications and files that you do not use. What do you need to do to do this? Here’s what:

  • Start Settings on your device
  • Now select Applications
  • You will be redirected to a page where all applications are displayed
  • You can uninstall unnecessary apps here to free up disc space for Baji app
  • Also by going to the Gallery you can remove duplicate photos and videos or low-quality content.

All these tips are covered by us so that you can free up some extra space for the Baji Live app.

What To Do If Baji App Is Too Demanding On Resources

When you have downloaded one of the Baji 999 apps and you are having trouble launching it, then most probably your device is outdated. What to do in this case? We have only one answer for you: you need to play exclusively on the web version of the site. The good news is that we have developed and adapted a fully working website for mobile devices. This is no different from the computer version or the app.

Download Bj Baji App on iOS

Users who prefer to play from iOS mobile devices can also install the Baji bet app. For this you don’t need to go through long and painful guides, where the process is time-consuming and requires you to enter a lot of different information. Especially for this purpose, we have developed our own Baji app installation guide, following which you will be able to download and install the app effortlessly. You just need to repeat everything mentioned in the guide. 

iOS App System Requirements

iOS Version13.2 and later
iOS Build NumberL2l-02PIN
Recommended Memory SizeAt least 1 Gb
Storage Capacity1Gb and expandable
Processor Requirements1.1 GHz quadcore (Apple A9)
System Bit Capacity64 bit
Application Registration ProcessSigning up on the Baji app looks just as easy as it does on the website. You need to open the app and click on Sign Up and then fill in the form with your personal details. 
Charge Time From Active UseOn average, you’ll be able to play for 2 to 3 hours of active use.
Basic requirements for iOS devices

Instructions For Downloading And Installing Baji Application On iOS

Now that you have learnt how to work with the Android version you need to proceed to Baji app download for iOS. By its very nature, this process will not require you to spend a lot of energy and specific knowledge. Just read our instruction and repeat:

  • Launch the browser built into your Apple device and go to the Baji Live website
  • Now in the navigation menu which is located on the right side, select the mobile device icon and click on it
  • In the case of iOS, you won’t be redirected to a separate page, but a pop-up message will appear saying that you can install the Baji icon on your device’s home screen
  • Our system automatically recognises iOS and so you can be sure that this icon will fit your device
  • When you want to play, you click on the icon from the home screen and launches the official Baji Live website in your mobile device’s browser
  • All that’s left to do is Login and start playing.

List Of iOS Devices Compatible With Baji App

As you already know, our team is actively testing Baji application for mapping, issues or working correctly. That’s why we use different iOS devices in order to establish all the processes. So far, we have tested the application on such devices as:

  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone 9
  • iPhone 10
  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone 12
  • iPhone 12 Pro
  • iPhone 13
  • iPhone 13 Pro
  • iPhone 14
  • iPhone 14 Pro
  • iPad
  • iPad Mini
  • iPad Pro.

How To Use Baji App?

To know how to use bj Baji app you just need to open it. Then click on Login and enter your login details. After that, you have all the options to fully utilize the gaming platform. You can make a deposit and take a sports betting bonus or you can take an online casino betting bonus. Or maybe you just want to play without bonuses, you have that option.

Updating The Application To The Latest Version

When approaching the issue of updating the application, it is necessary to immediately point out an important point: there is no need to update for iOS. The point is that this is a web version and it opens in the browser. Updates of the web version take place without your intervention.

However, when it comes to Baji apk for Android, here you will have to dive into the update process to the fullest. The thing is, there are two options to update the Android app. Here’s how they look like:

  • You need to open the Baji app
  • Now when you do Login, you will be prompted to download the new version (if you have it of course)
  • You just need to agree and then the download and installation of the update will start
  • This process does not require you to take any additional steps
  • When the application is updated you will be able to run it Login
  • In the second case, when you do not receive a message about the availability of the update you need to go to the website
  • Then find the same mobile device icon and click on it
  • Now carry out the process of downloading and installing the app as you did in the beginning
  • You don’t need to uninstall the old version before installing the new one (the old version will be overwritten automatically and the new one will be added)
  • When the app is installed proceed to play the game.

Registration Via Baji App

After Baji apk download and installing it, you need to perform registration if you don’t have an account. We suggest you to do it this way:

  • Open the installed application
  • Now you need to click on Sign Up (this item is responsible for initiating registration)
  • A form will appear in which you need to specify Username, Password, and Currency
  • Then you need to go to the second step by clicking on the arrow sign
  • On the new page, you will need to enter your Full Name, Phone Number, and Email
  • You must now confirm your registration by clicking on Done.

Baji 999 App Download And Login To Account

Now it’s time to realize your first Baji app login. So how do you do it? Here’s how:

  • Start the application
  • Now click on Login
  • Enter Username and Password
  • Click Login again
  • If you were unable to login to your account because you forgot your password, you can recover it. Click on Forgot Password. Then a page will appear where you need to enter your mobile phone number. After that you will receive an SMS with a new password on your device. After logging in to the application you must change the temporary password to the new one.

Payment systems In App For Deposit

Baji app offers all Indian players great payment options. You don’t have to puzzle over whether there are convenient and legal ways to make deposits and withdrawals. Just take a look at the list of payment systems and you will realize that you will be able to play on our site with maximum payment convenience. Here are the systems we are ready to offer you:

  • Bank Transfers
  • bKash
  • Rocket
  • Nagad
  • okWallet
  • SureCash
  • UPay
  • Local Bank
  • Tap
  • USDT
  • Bitcoin.

How to Make Deposit?

In order to make a deposit you need to login to the Baji Live app. Then on the homepage you will see the Deposit button, which is located at the very top of the screen. Now you need to select the payment system that suits you best. Then specify the payment amount which ranges from 500 INR to 25,000 INR. After that, click on Deposit and deposit the funds into your account. 

How To Withdraw First Winnings?

Withdrawing winnings is almost no different from making a Deposit in the Baji app. You need to log in to the app. After that, click on Cash Out. Then select the payment system and after that specify the amount from 1,000 INR to 25,000 INR. Now the only thing left to do is to wait for the payout.

How To Confirm Identity?

It should be borne in mind that our platform operates under the Curacao license and therefore every player is required to undergo identity verification. This gives us the right to provide you with a quality service and exclude fraudulent options on the part of users. In order to pass verification in the Baji app you need to:

  • Open the application and go to Profile
  • Now in the Account Info menu, note whether your Email and Phone Number is confirmed or not
  • If this is not confirmed, then order special codes and enter them
  • When these conditions are met you can go to the Verification section and send your documents to verify your identity
  • Once your identity is verified and there are no issues, the account will be verified and you will be able to use the platform without restrictions.

Entertainment Selection In Baji Apps

When you make the Baji 999 app download, you will have access to more than 30 sports. These are the most sought after and popular disciplines around the world that you can bet on. It is also a great online casino where you can play more than 2,000 different games that are presented by top providers.


Betting on sports is one of our advantages that we offer to players from India. You will find well-known markets like SABA and BTI. These are top-notch international platforms that give users access to events like NHL, UEFA, and Wimbledon.

Types Of Bets In App

If you decide to bet on Sport in the Baji app, you will be offered the most popular options. Moneyline, Totals, Odd, Even, Players Win, Team Win, Goals, Points and many others.

Types Of Sports In App

In Baji app you will find the best sports events like Football Matches, Ice Hockey Tournaments, Tennis, Volleyball, Handball, Rugby, and many others. In addition many reputable publications refer to our platform as Baji online Cricket betting app. The fact is that we offer the best conditions for those players who bet on Cricket.

Betting Options In App

You can place Pre Match and Live bets. That is, bets before and during the broadcast of a sporting event. You can cancel, rearrange and change your bets at any time. 

Online Casino

The Baji app library contains a large number of different casino games. Here you can find Slots, Card Games, Fishing Games, Instant Games, Lottery, and Crash Games. All these games are from top providers including SpadeGaming, PG Soft, JDB, FC, JILIl, Pragmatic Play, Red Tiger, Netent, Play’n Go, and KA Gaming.

Most Popular Casino Games

Of course, the app has the kind of games that most players prefer. It’s not only slots, but other entertainment as well. Here are just some of the ones that users launch most often:

  • Matka India
  • Teen Patti
  • Fortune Tree
  • Night City
  • Roulette
  • War of Dragons
  • Aviator.

Live Casino

When you play in the Baji app, you will also have access to Live Games. This type of games is adapted to all variants of mobile devices. This means that the games will not freeze or fail to work. You can play Poker, Craps, Baccarat, Roulette and other Live Games from providers such as:

  • Evolution Gaming
  • Sexy Gaming
  • Pragmatic Play Live
  • Playtech
  • Venus.

Bets In Baji App

We decided to create special instructions also for those players who find it difficult to make their first bet.It is quite simple in fact and we will show you how to do it.

How To Bet On A Sports Event In The App?

Betting on sports in Baji app is a simple activity where you need:

  • Open the application
  • Then login to the account
  • After that, make a deposit in order to be able to place bets
  • You can then claim the bonus or you can bet without it
  • Go to Sport
  • Select the sports section you want
  • Now that the marketplace has loaded you need to choose one of the sports
  • For example, it would be Cricket
  • Now select a specific event for that sport and the betting page will appear
  • Place bets as you need and confirm them by clicking on Bet.

How To Play Casino Games?

And in order to place bets in Baji Casino app you need:

  • Open the application
  • Make login
  • After that, make a deposit and get a bonus to play or not to get it
  • Then you need to click on one of the Casino categories like Slots and select a specific game
  • After loading the game, you will need to specify your bet size and click on Spin.

Promotions And Bonuses Worth Participating In

To all our players from India, we enable them to get various offers on Baji game app. Basically, these are various bonuses and promotions that aim to significantly increase your chances of winning. The table below shows the most popular bonuses that you can get as soon as you make a deposit. The table shows only a small part of what you will be able to expect.

Bonus NameBonus AmountBonus RulesAvailable GamesWager
2% Unlimited RebateMinimum 10 INRThis bonus is available for every new depositAll games without exceptionNo wager
777 Free Money777 INRYou need to subscribe to the BJ Baji Facebook group, then you need to tag your friends in the group and then create a post with the tags #Baji #777BBL. Then send the link in a special formExchange Premium marketx17
100% Bonus On Slot & Fishingmax bonus 1,777 INRThe bonus must be used within 7 days from the date of its activationSlots and Fishing Gamesx12
50% Sports Refundup to 1,000 INRA deposit must be made no later than 24 hours from the time of registrationExchange Premium, I-Sports, and SBO Sports marketx10
25% Live Casino & Table Cashbackmax Cashback is 1,777 INRThe promotion is available for those players who have made their first depositLive Casino and Table Gamesx10
25% Reload Bonusup to 10,000 INRThe promotion must be selected on the bonuses page before making a deposit at baji LiveLive Casino and Table Gamesx15
Profitable promotions from Baji Live

How Can You Get The Welcome Bonus?

To get Welcome Bonus in Baji app you need to:

  • Open the app and log in to your account
  • Now click on Deposit
  • Choose a convenient payment system and make a deposit from 500 INR to 1,777 INR
  • Once the funds are credited to your account you will automatically receive a 100% bonus on your deposit
  • Then you can head towards big wins with Baji Live.

Support Service To Solve Player Problems

You can ask for help at any time of the day or night. You have all the tools you need for this. Right in the app you can open an online chat and start a dialogue with Support. The staff will help you with any problem regarding bets or deposits and bonuses. We list all our contacts where you can inform us about your problems.

Email[email protected]
WebsiteOnline Chat
Support Team Contacts


  • Baji 999 Apps Doesn't Work. What Should I Do?
    If Baji app is not working on your device, then most probably it is outdated. You can try deleting all the cached files, which will help free up space and try installing the app again. If that doesn't help, then the only way out for you is to play the game in your mobile browser.
  • Can I Download Baji App From The App Store Or Play Market?
    No. All such apps that involve betting on Sports or Casino are prohibited by the policies of platforms such as App Store and Play Market. However, you can fully trust us, because our application is created by professionals and it is not inferior and even several times better than the analogues.
  • Is Baji App Real Or Fake?
    Of course it is real. You can download the app for your Android device at any time and see for yourself if it's real.
  • What Languages Are Available In Baji 999 Apps?
    Currently English, Vietnamese, Tagalog Bengali, and Hindi are available in our app.
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